HPCaVe platforms provide a variety of resources and services such as high performance computing, visualization, data analysis and training. To know more about our services please contact us.

Access to MeSU computing platform requires an account, see below how to proceed to request one.
Access to ViSU visualization platform can be arranged by email or using the contact form.

Who can apply for a computing account ?

MeSU computing accounts are available for Sorbonne-Université research staff and graduate students, as well as for laboratory or research staff from other universities and public institutes.

Non-academic (private sector) researchers and engineers can also apply for an account.
To this end, they are welcome to contact us directly.

How to open/renew a computing account ?

Users can subscribe at any time of the year, accounts are granted for one full year.
By using the platform services, users commit to abide the platform usage policy and Sorbonne-Université IT policy.

To apply for an account creation or renewal, please print and fill-in one of the application form (French or English) and send it back to the platform administration team by email or by using the form below.
Please note that your request may require a 48-hours delay to be processed.