MeSU supercomputer offers two types of resources :

  • beta : a distributed-memory computer with 144 nodes,
  • gamma : a group of computers equipped with GPUs.


MeSU-beta is a SGI ICE-XA system, it is a distributed cluster which offers 3456 high performance computing cores, distributed in 144 nodes of 24 cores. It is associated with a fast storage system based on a Lustre filesystem. MeSU-beta is a extremely energy efficient server, and is equipped with a water cooling distribution unit (CDU).

MeSU-beta is equipped with 144 computes blades, each of which made of one motherboard (or node), equipped with two Intel Xeon Haswell of 12 cores each, and with a local memory of 128GB. The nodes are connected by an Infiniband network, which allows for fast communication between them.

  • Architecture : Intel Haswell
  • Processors : 144x 2 Intel Xeon E5-2670v3 (2.7 GHz, 12 cores)
  • Memory : 144x 128GB DDR4 2133Mhz
  • Interconnect : Mellanox Infiniband FDR 56 Gb/s
  • Lustre Storage : 170 TB


MeSU-gamma is made of two SGI servers which offer Nvidia GPUs.
These nodes can be used for GPU-accelerated tasks (with CUDA for example) or for remote 3D visualization.
It is associated to the same fast storage system as MeSU-beta.

  • Architecture : Intel Haswell
  • Processors : 2x 2 Intel Xeon E5-2620v3 (2.4 GHz, 6 cores)
  • GPUs : 2x Nvidia Quadro K5200 8GB
  • Memory : 2x 256GB DDR4 2133Mhz
  • Interconnect : Mellanox Infiniband FDR 56 Gb/s
  • Lustre Storage : 170 TB

Operating System / related software

MeSU is powered by SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES 12 SP3).
The following software are also part of the system (detailed information are available on this page) :

Intel Cluster Studio Integrated tool suite for HPC development which include compilers (C/C++/Fortran), an MPI implementation and optimized maths libraries.
SGI MPI 1.5 Focuses on features that accelerate applications, enable development of parallel and real-time applications, and manage system resources.
Altair PBSPro 14.2 HPC workload management and job scheduling solution.
SGI Performance Suite 1.5
SGI Accelerate 1.5
Designed to accelerate the performance of applications on SGI systems utilizing Intel or AMD x86-64 processors.
SGI System Management node 1.6
SGI Foundation Software 2.7
Suite of technical support tools and utilities that enable SGI systems to run at improved performance.