HPCaVe is a group of two platforms hosted by Sorbonne Université and managed by SACADO service unit. It consists of :

  • A computing platform (MeSU) delivering more than 35 million core-hours each year, and
  • A visualization room (ViSU) with a wide stereoscopic projection system.

The primary mission of these platforms is to support the Sorbonne-Université research community in its computing and data processing activities. Users from all disciplines within the University and of all levels of experience are welcome.

The platform is funded by various sources:
– PIA équipement d’excellence equip@meso (PI: GENCI, 2011);
SESAME RefICS Ile de France (2011);
– PIA laboratoire d’excellence Calsimlab (2012);
– projet opérationnel “Compétitivité régionale et emploi” FEDER (2007-2013);
– budget investissement plateformes (UPMC, 2015);
– programme SATS-SU ICS@SU (Sorbonne Universités, 2015).