HPCaVe Account

HPCaVe platform is open to Sorbonne-Université research community, academic HPC users and industry partners.
It provides a variety of resources and services such as high performance computing, visualization, data analysis and training.

Who can apply for an account ?

HPCaVe accounts are available for :

  • Sorbonne-Université faculty, research staff and graduate students with the approval of their faculty advisor,
  • Laboratory or research staff from other universities or public institutes,
  • Non-academic (private sector) researchers and engineers.

HPCaVe resources are allocated differently depending on your affiliation :

  • For Sorbonne-Université members, access to computing resources is granted and free of charge for up to 35’000 h/year (more resources can be provided with sufficient scientific motivation).
  • For exterior organizations, access to computing resources is made possible either on a pay-per-hour policy, or on research contracts.
    For more information,please refer to the HPCaVe  Pricing Table or contact us at mesu@sorbonne-universite.fr.

For any questions about qualifying for an account, please contact the HPCaVe Service Desk.

How to open/renew an account ?

Before applying for an HPCaVe account, it is important for you to consider the following points :

  • Users can subscribe at any time of the year
  • Accounts are granted for one full year
  • HPCaVe does not provide any back up for your data
  • By using HPCaVe services, you commit to abide the HPCaVe usage policies and UPMC I.T. policies

To apply for an account (or renew an existing one) you will need to print, fulfill and scan this application form and send it back by e-mail to HPCaVe Service Desk (mesu@sorbonne-universite.fr) or via the following form.
Please note that a 48 hours examination of your request is needed to give you an answer.