Centre for data visualisation

Designed in collaboration with an architect (V. Taurisson), the centre for Data Visualisation (CDV) is part of the ISCD’s research and training centre. The centre is committed to improving the understanding of science by developing innovative algorithms to visualisation data.

The centre provides an exciting, state-of-the-art environment for visualization and data analysis with a wide stereoscopic projection system. These unique facilities are available for use to all faculty, graduate students and partners.

In addition, faculty and students enjoy an interactive and collaborative environment through the CDV seminar series, invited speakers, workshops, and summer schools programs.


The missions of CDV include, but are not restricted to:

  • serving as a central point of access to advanced visualisation technology
  • assembling research teams to pursue interdisciplinary research on data visualisation and analysis techniques
  • developing custom visualisation solutions for our academic or industrial partners.

The center is also involved in a research program in fundamental visualization and visual analytics with several faculty members working on these topics.

Resources and support

ViSU staff provide support and assistance to users. It also provides consulting on how to utilize the resources efficiently and training for users of these resources.

We are looking for projects to take advantage of this unique technology, for teaching, training and research purposes. For further information, contact us at contact_iscd@upmc.fr