MeSU-alpha is a SMP server, equipped with 1024 cores and 16Tb. of shared memory.

MeSU-alpha's specificity being its large quantity of accessible RAM, users should mainly use this server for memory-intensive jobs and programs (that need to load more than 128Gb of data in RAM at runtime), or codes based on threads or OpenMP API.

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MeSU-beta is a distributed cluster, equipped with a total of 3012 cores.

MeSU-beta is a high performance distributed cluster, which will be the preferred architecture for users who wish to use highly scalable parallel programs or codes, based on standards such as MPI.

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Visualization room

HPCaVe also grants to its users access to a visualization room located on the Jussieu campus, equipped with a 6x2.2m stereoscopic projection screen connected to a linux workstation.

Directly connected on HPCaVe data directories, the visualization room is a perfect environment for researchers to gather and analyse/visualize their computation results.

Please, contact us for more information or to book a session in the visualization room.

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